Do Databinding in C# codes

Databinding in C# codes offers the more flexible way to bind UI elments to the data source at run time. The following codes snippet gives the pattern to bind UI elements to XmlDataProvider.

Binding databinding = new Binding();
databinding.Mode = BindingMode.Default/OneWay/TwoWay…;
databinding.Source = SomeDataSourceObject;
databinding.XPath = SomeXPathString;
SomeUIElment.SetBinding(SomeClass.SomeDependencyProperty, databinding);

SomeClass can be the current calling UI element’s class, like the normal controls, also can be its holder’s class, like Grid and Panel.

If you need to databind your control with CLR data object, you should specify Path instead of XPath. The usual way is:
databinding.Path = new PathProperty(PathString);


~ by Martin on August 8, 2007.

One Response to “Do Databinding in C# codes”

  1. thanks a lot its really helpful, if any body want to implement basic data binding, I want to share a link where you can find tutorial for advanced data binding. its

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